The Chronicles of Infel

The Legend of the End Witch

Chapter 004

As the third day fell to night, and as the bell signaling the end of twilight rang, Sylvanis pushed from her cage, determined to escape before the King even came to her. The snake slinked rapidly behind her, and soon the two had reached Deyus’s cell.

In the corner he sat, lashed and cut in every manner, his clothes torn, and Sylvanis wrenched open the gate.

“My love,” she cried, but he only smiled, and stood with vigor.

“Tonight, we triumph,” he said hoarsely.

The two fled from the cell.

They raced up the stairs, and with key in hand, Sylvanis opened the door. Into the hallway they ran, and found that it was empty of guards. They fled into the hall, into the throne room where the king, tonight, was away on his morning walk. With speeding hearts they made it to the entrance, the wooden doors of the castle.

Then, suddenly, the doors burst open. The King appeared with his guards. He saw the lovers before him, saw they free of their cells, of his control, and was furious.

“Seize them!” he shouted, and the guards with their spears surrounded the couple.

Sylvanis motioned for the serpent to strike. It did not answer. As she looked down, she found that it was absent. She alone, with her love, would face her fate.

The guards grabbed Sylvanis, bound Deyus in rope and chain. They buckled him to his knees, and Sylvanis cried.

“Please, stop!”

The King stepped forward.

“Send the boy to the dungeon, and bring the girl to my chambers,” he said, and strode off up a flight of stairs.

Sylvanis was dragged from her place to follow him, as Deyus was pulled back down into the dungeon. She screamed out his name as she watched him disappear.

The King entered his room. Sylvanis was flung in behind him. The door was shut.

Alone, with the Tyrant King, Sylvanis collapsed to the floor.

The King stood before her, with his arms behind his back. He spoke.

“It is the third night,” he said. “What is your answer?”

Sylvanis nodded through choking tears, helpless and weak on the floor.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “Yes I will marry you.”

And the King smiled.


He sated all his lust, then, in the dark upon his bed.

And Sylvanis wept.


She lay there, defeated, as the torches were lit again. The King stood from her side with a satisfied grunt. But she was still, unfeeling, and cold.

The King summoned for his guards.

“Execute the boy immediately,” he said to them.

Sylvanis bolted from the pillows.

“You said you would spare him!” she cried, but she was cut off by a sharp pain.
The King bought his hand across her face.

“Do not speak out of turn,” he said, and with that he made his way to the guards.

“Leave her, and lock the door. I will see to this pleasantry myself,” and he opened the door, and he left the room, and the door was shut behind him.

Sylvanis rushed to the door, grasping at the handle and tugging at it furiously. It would not open. She placed a hand on the lock, as she had with the cells, yet again it did nothing. She pounded on the door with her fists, begged to be let out, but nothing.

Defeated, no way to escape. Sylvanis collapsed to the floor and began to cry.

“How are you tonight, little witch?” a voice came from behind her.

Chapter 004 End